Our Services

Our Company has been a pioneer for implementation of energy efficiency and conservation. The audits presented by us are not allowed in industries and other sectors to reduce their electrical bills, cost saving in purchase of new equipment, in place of old ones. We organize various kinds of audits like energy audit, power quality and electrical safety audits. Our audits on power quality mitigate certain issues like voltage sags, transients, flicker, harmonics, unbalanced and over voltage. Electrical safety audits provided by us is established a solution for resolving electrical shock, earthing system and equipment loss fatal accidents.

  • Helps to reduce energy consumption.
  • Study of actual efficiency of equipments against designed/ Established by Bureau of Energy Efficiency.
  • Suggest suitable measures and “Best operational practice” for maintenance of efficiency.
  • Improves Electrical Equipment reliability and ensures “Trouble & Failure Free Operation”.
  • Reduce down Time of equipment, resulting in increase of production.
  • It is defined as the “Voltage Stability”,”Frequency Stability”, and absence of electrical noise (flicker, harmonic distortion on electrical grid)
  • Poor Power Quality results in pure mature failure / reduction of life of sensitive electronic equipment
  • Study helps in identifying the problems before hand over to take correction steps.
  • Study helps to identify potential hazards, area of risks, venerability and potential accidents.
  • We suggest for improvement for ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment .
  • Testing Earthing and soil Resistivity suitable solution for retrofits.